First communion

Best friendsOur style of photography is to capture people when they are relaxed in surroundings that they are comfortable.  We were recently contacted by two families from our eldest daughter’s school – their children had experienced their first communion and they had taken some pictures to remember and they weren’t quite what they had hoped for.

We designed a an hour or two in a local woods, a place which was special to them as their children had spent a lot of time there with their families.  We visited the woods several times the week before with our family to scout the area, decide on the best places for the shoot and select the best time.

We started off at breakfast time with some small group shots and then just had an hour or so of fun.  Running around, climbing on top of each other and a few poses thrown in for good measure!  It was a great feeling when we were half way through and one of the girls asked “when are we going to start”!  Chuffed that they hadn’t realised we had started 30 minutes ago, we really do aim for it to be relaxed and stress free.  We ended the session with a lovely teddy bears picnic – cakes, crisps and lots of bubbles, what’s not to like?  Only posted a few from the shoot here as we are presenting them to the family in two weeks – we have a lovely new HD display for presenting images in the clients home, can’t wait for them to see their shots.  Will post a few more after they have seen them all.

The children were great, we hope ours are as well behaved with other people, they made our job much easier.




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