Paula – beautiful Knowsley bride

I think it was Ghandi that said “Live life as if you are going to die tomorrow and learn as if you’re going to live forever” – For a long time now I’ve had that thought in mind.  Possibly since becoming a dad and realising how precious life is and possibly since I started part time higher education about six years ago and found out I actually quite enjoyed it.  Anyway, keeping the lifelong learning bit in mind, part of our business plan at Love You Photography is to keep learning, through other sources of inspiration and on July 11 this year, that inspiration came from Brett and Kristie Harkness and their wedding photography workshop.

Let’s start with the compliments, of all the workshops I have attended over the years and there have been lots of them, I came away from this day feeling like I had really learnt something of value, had more confidence and enjoyed myself.  What I really liked was the practical approach of Brett and Kristie, their clear passion for what they do and a great eye for detail, it is no wonder they have such a good reputation.

Knowsley Hall ( is a tremendous location, a real hidden gem.  I hadn’t been there since the late 90’s when I attended a charity function for the Roy Castle Foundation I think.  I don’t need to say much about the place, check out their website for more information.

We started the day at 9.30, about 10 photographers on the course were all greeted with fresh coffee and cookies, superb.  We started with a briefing on the day ahead and a discussion about how they approach the wedding business – the course is intended to introduce you to their style of wedding photography (or a small part of it), and how to use the light (natural and strobe) to your benefit.  We had a couple of models for the day who were professionally made up, Paula our main bride was great, not sure how models can hold so many poses and stay on their feet in those shoes all day!

That’s enough rambling from me, think I will let the pictures do the talking and put the tea in the oven!  Hope you enjoy this selection of some of my hundreds of shots from the day?

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