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We have been using Facebook for a few months now at Love You Photography and we are fairly pleased with the results.  We started out using North Social for the page customisation, they are a really good company and have some great features, we just weren’t making the best use of them for the money.

We are now trialing and researching the PageModo service, starting with their welcome page feature.  We haven’t signed up yet for their pro-account for the advanced features,  we like to study the online reviews first and look at other services, initially it looks great and good value for money.  Our facebook targeted adverts have just been launched as part of our social media strategy and is going well, once we have hit our target likes for September in the correct geographical areas we may ramp up the online promotion.  Remember, likes are not the only measure of facebook success, if at all.

We are in the process of writing a post about marketing for the blog around our unique insight into this often misunderstood field – we have decades of hands on practical marketing experience, backed up by notable successes and professional qualifications.  Phil gets asked quite often (this month to be exact!) for marketing and business start up advice, we have been planning a marketing  workshop for small businesses, any suggestions please let us know.  A workshop plan has been constructed, the next stage is to develop the market research of the potential of this servce and get some real insight.  We have a target market in mind and as part of our research, we attended a marketing course earlier this year with a company who offer something similar, however we believe that we have a competitive advantage over similar services.

Do you know what your competitive advantage is over your competitors?

Welcome page for Love You Photography, Carlisle Facebook fan page

Welcome page for Love You Photography, Carlisle Facebook fan page


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