Trotters – World of animals

I am not quite sure about zoos and the like, always feels quite uncomfortable seeing animals behind bars.  I understand the conservation argument and protecting endangered species, however some of the animal parks I have been to over the years makes me question the quality of life for the animals.  I remember seeing whales in a tank in Canada then seeing them in the wild near Seattle, you really can’t compare.

One animal park that I have been comfortable with for many reasons, not least the relative amount of open space that the animals have is Trotters in Keswick, ok it’s not quite the Maasai Mara I know, but also it isn’t a cramped inner city zoo.  No lions or tigers, but zebra, otters, primates and incredible birds of prey abound.  We took a trip on Sunday to celebrate our baby daughters second birthday – the girls loved it, especially the soft play area and outside park.  Few pics from our day out:

Golden Eagle

Bison - I think?!

Having a great day

You can take bird to water, but....


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