Family shoots – rain, snow, sleet, clouds – and a tiny bit of sun!

December has been a fun month, recently completed two outdoor family shoots, which are my favorite.  Both families really wanted the same thing – pictures of their son and a few family shots.

The weather for both sessions couldn’t have been more different – only just…  I was loading the car up ready for the first shoot at the beginning of the month, 9.30am, for a 10am winter start, should be good – not too bright…. overcast as I cleaned the lenses and checked my gear for a final time, opened the door to go out and it snowed, loaded the car, had a cup of tea and went back out, now hail, set off to pick the family up  (yes, I will even happily pick the customer up!) and it bucketed down with rain!

The session went well considering, we all got wet and cold – agreed we would do a second shoot in the spring.  Always happy to do this with no extra charge, just important that the client is happy.  Few pictures below, welcome your feedback – they were great sports, my hands were blue with cold!  I’ve used the old Kodak bellows camera a few times on recent shoots, kids really like playing with them, may put a roll of film in next time and blog the results!

Smile - Kodak moment

The session last weekend was another lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, this time in woods local to the clients home.  Great nature walks and an overgrown pond – nice that we still had a lot of brown and orange leaves about on the floor, helped with not having any sky to speak of.  It rained all morning and stopped just as they arrived.  I had scouted the location with my own children the day before and again on the morning, I always like to do a few test shots before a session, maybe that’s just my nerves?  Find it good to have a plan for the session, at least if the weather closes in we can move a bit quicker and get people back home to the warm!  Bit daft living in England if you can’t plan around the weather I feel 🙂

Crouching child hidden flash


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