Monday’s pic – deep in thought

Life is pretty busy at the moment and I am falling behind on trying to post a pic a day.  Sad news yesterday about someone I knew, not well, but met him at his home last year – found out he died earlier this year tragically in a motorbike accident.

Motorbikes have played a big part of my and my families life over the last decade, from shared holidays (girlfriend used to ride a sports bike), weeks away with friends all round europe, MotoGP weekends, track days,  even got to see Valentina Rossi testing at Sepang, Malaysia a few years back.  Others that know me will know of the day time job involving bikes for a long time – thank you to Honda, great memories.

So today I’ve been thinking a lot, I never thought about what might be if it went wrong when I was on a bike, not until my latest daughter came along two years ago – just felt too much of a risk. But life should be about risks, just felt very unfair on my family if the unfortunate happened.  Today made me think of my family and the family that have been left now with memories of their dad and partner – I offer them my condolences and best wishes for the future. I don’t have any negativity towards bikers or motorbikes, the opposite, quite sure I will get another one day, just rambling now because I am thoughtful.

So, for every ex biker out there, they will appreciate this picture I am sure, to others it is just a peice of black rubber and silicone, to bikers it is a stolen hour when the sun comes out, a mad dash to the ferry to get to the european roads and sun, evening bike meets drinking tea and hours spent cleaning and polishing to do it all again the next day.

Be safe and keep it rubber side up.


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