About Love You Photography

Love You Photography are Phil, Shana and their two great daughters.  They share the LYP headquarters with a weimaraner called Vale (after Valentino Rossi!) and a Cockatail called millie.

Home and LYP HQ is Carlisle in Cumbria, a stones throw from the incredible Lake District, a hop skip and a jump from Scotland and gallon and bit of fuel away from the North East, what a great place to live and work.

Love You Photography is about capturing moments that will be treasured and last a long time to come – They hold this aim for our commercial clients too.  They are passionate about offering a great customer service, if they can’t do something they say so.  There are no hidden charges, customers are informed of the prices up front – no gimmicks with free photoshoots, pictures you can’t say “no thanks” to and then slap you will a £1000 bill if you want one.  Sure, some really are worth that much, but if they are, you will know before the shoot.

Love You Photography was founded on their values of honesty, family, accessibility, quality, service and affordability.  Regardless of age, LYP believes they offer something for everyone, from babies through to grandparents and every occasion inbetween.  They love photographing events, weddings and those special moments, where the detail and what goes on when you, the client is not looking means so much.

For business customers, Love You Photography offers a unique insight into the world of marketing and communications.  Not only do they run their own business, but Phil is a qualified and experience marketing and communications professional, allowing them to better understand the needs of commercial clients when looking at images perhaps as part of a campaign.  With experience ranging from producing leaflets through to brochures, websites and ambient advertising such as billboards and buses clients get the opportunity to share their ideas with a company that can understand their position and assist them to achieve their marketing objectives – after all, you the client needs a return on the investment of hiring them.


3 thoughts on “About Love You Photography

  1. Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog today. It is good to see photos of the Solway again. I lived in Carlise for 10 years over the 1990s. It was a hard time for me, and I left some great friends when I moved back down south to be with parents.
    I am loving the photos here. I will take a little look around if that’s OK with you!
    Thanks again

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